Thursday, November 16, 2017

Save our Native Bees, plant native to your area plants.

A Series of watercolor painting created specifically of native pollinators and native plants.
I learned that many native bees are specialists that depend on certain native plants for their survival.
After planting native to our area plants on our front lawn I became amazed at the variety of bees and butterflies that make use of the tiny wild garden. Now wherever I go in BC and Alberta I look for bees on native plants. I give special thanks to The Edmonton Native Plant Group who started me on my first tiny wild garden which is now inspiring me create paintings of these tiny beings, and some are amazingly tiny, like an 1/8th inch. 

 Metallic Sweat Bee on Gumweed 
Metal Frame 8x10" $115.00

Buzzing By
Metal Frame 7.5x5.5" $78.00

 All Abuzz Bumblebee
Metal Frame 8x10", $115.00

Gaillardia Diner
Metal Frame 7.5x7.5, $78.00 

 Giant Hyssops
Metal Frame 7.5x7.5, $78.00

Sooth Blue Aster Bumblebee
Metal Frame 7.5x7.5, $78.00

 Golden Aster Bumblebee
Metal Frame 7.5x7.5, $78.00

Apple Blossom Bumblebee
Metal Frame 7.75x7.75" $105.00

Gumweed Landing 
Wood Frame 10x10, $184.00

Milberts Tortoiseshell
Wood Frame 10x10", $184.00

Gentle Presence
Metal Frame 9.25x7.75", $115.00

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