Friday, April 18, 2014

Green Window City Install complete

Wow am I ever tired, its been a few fast paced weeks of creativity. Thinking, designing, planning, re-thinking, re-building or I should say sewing. A few failed ideas but in the end came up with a great display that the Colour Blind Store staff loves.
 Balloon nest on post is my statement against balloons and balloon releases due the deaths they cause to wildlife, birds and even whales.

Ironically on the tree outside the window is string and balloons caught up, so of course I made sure to photograph it with the upcycled mobile made from plastic mesh used in industry for large screen printing. The mesh kindly donated by Kim from the Paint Spot art supply store. Thank you.

Taken from across the street today by my main man installation team of one; my loving husband.

Hubby took this photo last night after installing the project.
A tired yet happy artist photo by art roadie installation specialist my husband. Thank you dear one, you do what I cannot and for that I am grateful.
I was graciously granted extra space to display the Upcycle butterflies, dragonflies and feathers on a side wall at Colour Blind. Thank you Roslyn.
I've enjoyed this project. It brings attention to our environment and what we can do by reusing waste rather than burying still usable materials in landfills which generate methane gas which burns the feathers right off birds that sit on top of the pipes that are used as release valves.
May your week be wonderful and before you chuck something away ask yourself, can someone use this? Is there a Goodwill or recycle depot in your town. Reuse, recycle, upcycle, enjoy re-creating.
Hugs, and may your easter be blessed.