Friday, December 13, 2013

For the sake of Abstract

These pieces were worked up for an exhibition on Abstract Art in Calgary showing at The House Coffee Sanctuary by Emmaus Fine Art Group.

"Flights of Fantasy"
Acrylic paint and varied paper on stretched canvas
 The goal was to complete an abstract that had no bearing on realism, though now matter how hard I worked layering the piece it looks like a bird in flight to me, I guess bird passion seeps into all I do.

"Dancing Circles Under The Sun" framed 9"x11"
Small painting experimenting with Inktense Pencil on recycled paper.

"Joyously Celebrating"
Mixed MediaTextile framed 10"x10"
sketch framed with mat 10"x10"

The image on the left is a mixed media textile piece worked up from the smaller drawing on the right.
Initially I was satisfied when the drawing was completed but then I got to thinking about how much more depth and texture fabrics would lend to the design, so off I went on a stitching frenzy two days before delivery, nothing like a time crunch to spur one on. Enjoy!