Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Abstract and Birds, acrylic paintings

"Fluffy underskirts are all the rage these days" Killdeer
acrylic on canvas, 12x12, sides painted

"These legs were made for dancing" Yellow Legs
acrylic on canvas 12x12, sides painted

 "Summers wild sunflowers and Meadowlark"
acrylic on canvas, 8x8, sides painted
Collection S Sargent

 "When you feel like singing the blues" Bluejay
acrylic on canvas 5x5, sides painted
available at

 "White-crowned sparrow amongst the willows"
acrylic on canvas 16x12, sides painted
In a Private collection.

 "Dreams glide on silent wings" Snowy Owl
acrylic on canvas 16x24, sides painted

"Abstract Reflection" Barn Swallow
acrylic on canvas 8x10, sides painted

 "Yellow-bellied Sapsucker"
 acrylic on canvas 12x8, sides painted

"Mourning Dove mourning the loss of the Athabasca"
acrylic, maps, etchings on canvas 16x20, sides painted
Collection S Sargent

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Portrait in pencil with watercolor wash background

A portrait of three beautiful children; my nephews and niece that I completed recently.
Private Collection