Friday, November 25, 2016

Hummingbird Paintings

Tiny and territorial these beautiful birds arrive early spring in Alberta and BC, Canada, and winter in Mexico. Having the opportunity to watch and photograph these mini wonders of flight is a joy.
All these mini-paintings have flown off to new homes and are no longer available.

Summer Blossoms; Rufous Hummingbird, Female.
 7"x 8" Watercolor
Flew off to a new home.

"His Majesty" Rufous Hummingbird, Male 
5.75"x 5.75" Watercolor

The Queens Flight: Rufous Hummingbird, Female.
  5"x 7" Watercolor

Feisty Lady: Rufous Hummingbird, Female
5"x 7" Watercolor

Sky Dancer; Rufous Hummingbird, Male
 5"x 7" Watercolor

These hummingbirds have all migrated and are no longer available.