Monday, March 30, 2015

Flora and Fauna

In southern Alberta the sticky Gumweed blossoms were thickly in bloom. When I went to photograph them I noticed a wee bunny sitting so still so as not to be seen. 
"Hiding in the Gumweed" SOLD
 Acrylic on  wrapped canvas 5X5 inches

"Listening to the wind that swept over the mountain"
Acrylic on  wrapped canvas 5X5 inches

"Cheeky Gray forest spirit"
Acrylic on  wrapped canvas 5X5 inches

Time spent camping in Waterton National Park each year has given much inspiration for painting bears and wildflowers that are abundant in spring. It makes braving the cold, rainy fog and showers worthwhile especially when the sun pops out and mountain views are stunning.
"Little Black" SOLD
 Acrylic on  wrapped canvas 5X5 inches

At days end when exciting the parking lot at Red Rock Canyon this wonderful view met my eyes; two Elders (an old tree and the mountain) silently watch over the spring blossoms.
"The Two Elders"
Acrylic on  wrapped canvas 12x12 inches
Available at The Art Gallery of St Albert

We enjoyed watching momma bear and her cub from the previous year as they ambled amongst the wildflowers digging grubs, roots and bulbs. The cub was wearing a lighter colored saddle blanket which was wonderfully distinct.
"Saddle-blanket and Mom"
Acrylic on  wrapped canvas 10x14 inches
Available at The Wildbird General Store, Edmonton

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