Saturday, March 23, 2013

5x5 inch paintings

 Acrylic paintings on 5x5 inch canvas, sides painted.

"Sweet sweet nectar for the price of a song"
Collection M Swain

"When the honeysuckle is heavy on the vine"
No longer available

"Though tiny of feet she wields her sword well"
Collection M Swain

"The art of conversing with nature" SOLD
contact 403-827-0084

"More precious than gold or jewels" SOLD
contact 403-827-0084

 "Singing along with Willie, Waylon and the Boys"
No longer available

 "An artist at heart he viewed the world through Kandinsky circles"
No longer available

 "Midsummers Dreamer"

"A random moment turned the events of the day"
Acrylic on wrapped canvas 5x5 inches
available at

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