Sunday, April 3, 2011

Juried into "In The Red creation from deficit"

“Alberta Approved”
Our wise Great Horned Owl sad to say is presently all tied up in red wool, and not to keep warm through our cold winters. Ironically our provincial bird is bound before the slogan “Freedom To Create, Spirit To Achieve” which sport Alberta’s Blue and Gold colors of expanse. The red wool travels downward to stitch into the butt pocket of partial jeans shaken upside-down revealing a discarded open-ended red mesh plastic bag which can safely hold nothing, yet its pinned in place by a safety pin sporting a red plastic button. Due financial cutbacks I had to skimp on the hanging device and recycle an old red-plastic-coated hanger destined for the recycle bin.The title “Alberta Approved” is derived from the blue poultry pin which is attached onto off-cut fabric edging on which “RED” is printed.
“Alberta Approved” incorporates the craft of photography, textiles and digital art using materials bought, found and recycled. The owl image is combined photography and digital art pigment printed on quilters fabric and sealed with a coat of acrylic gel.
Do cutbacks hinder? A resounding YES as some galleries try to keep events pinned together and others renege on Carfac fees to keep going. Traveling art shows cancelled and artists canceling shows due lack in funding effects all society. How do I feel about the cuts; ask the owl!

Now showing at Alberta Craft Council, Edmonton Alberta.
(Juried show)

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